Video: Northwestern’s Kyle Quiero makes interception of the year


Sweet fancy, Moses! The Northwestern defensive backs are putting on a clinic reeling in interceptions. The latest came from Kyle Quiero who channeled his inner Odell Beckham Jr. for an unbelievable one-handed grab; maybe line this guy up at wide receiver after this catch.

Reeling in the interception with one hand was spectacular. Considering that it was the only option, it’s simply dumbfounding. If you’ll notice, the right hand is taped up completely, essentially making it a club instead of a hand. That’s probably the catch of the year by anybody on a football field, including those on offense.

The fact that this was done by a defensive back and not a wide receiver is astounding.

Northwestern is playing Indiana today and they are giving them all of it. The difference in score isn’t jaw-dropping, but the Wildcats are making headlines today. Earlier in the day, another Northwestern interception was being passed around the internet.

Queiro’s full extension one-hander is clearly superior. The pass wasn’t a bad one and would have been right on target, probably for a touchdown, had it not been for that athletic grab.

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