Video: The Mannequin Challenge reaches SEC Nation


The Mannequin Challenge has mades its way to SEC Nation.  The internet phenomenon consists of everyone remaining perfectly still…like a mannequin. Whatever your opinion on these kinds of things might be (planking, tebowing, harlem shake), this is takes quite a bit of coordination.

It’s impressive to have that many people buy into doing anything.

If you’ll notice, the only one who remains perfectly still, without moving even slightly, is Tim Tebow. That is because that really is a mannequin of Tim Tebow that they use for the show anyway, now that he’s out playing baseball all the time.

Most impressive during all of this are the cheerleaders. While everyone else freezes in the pose that they thought they could most comfortably maintain, the cheerleaders do quite the opposite. All of them are in different positions and all of them are strenuous.

:17 seconds- guy in the grey shirt in the back bobs his head.

But they all still did better than this guy.

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