Video: Verne Lundquist relives ‘The Prayer at Jordan-Hare’


Ahead of the Georgia-Auburn game today, Verne Lundquist recalls one of the most exciting finishes to a football game in recent memory.

In a season where miracle finishes were just another day at the office for Auburn, this one will stick in the craw of Georgia fans for a long time. It’s simply remembered as “The Prayer at Jordan-Hare.”

Anything that ends with a play like that earns instant classic status. It’s the only reason anyone knows who Doug Flutie still is: Flutie Magic.

Has Nick Marshall gone on to have the success that Doug Flutie had? Of course not. Marshall wasn’t even the better of the two quarterbacks in that game. But there is no denying this game was a thing of beauty and was played on every highlight reel for weeks after it happened.

Of course, proper technique on the part of the defensive backs and it never happens, but never mind that.

Georgia will host Auburn at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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