Santa Claus Portrayed As Gay Man In Interracial Relationship In New Book, People Freak Out

If you wondered what has the internet in a tizzy today, enter “Gay Santa Claus.”

This week, publisher Harper Design announced plans for a new picture book titled Santa’s Husband. The book portrays Jolly Old Saint Nicholas as a gay man who is in an interracial relationship.

The story features a black Santa Claus and his white husband enjoying life on the North Pole.

Seems harmless, right?

The book even has some nice artwork which was unveiled by Daniel Kibblesmith, a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, on social media.

Well, not everyone took so kindly to the idea and the comments section on a tweet from TIME Magazine was a treasure-trove of anger from the far right folks.

Just check out some of the responses:

I just have one question for the people complaining: Who are the snowflakes now?

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