VIDEO: FOX News’ Sean Hannity Hates Spring Break & Wants To Ruin Your Fun

FOX News’ Sean Hannity is a buzz kill.

Hannity hates fun things and is constantly trying to push the far-right’s agenda while pretending to take a moral high ground. This week, Mr. No Fun went on his yearly rant blasting Spring Break while attempting to ruin everyone’s good time.

The show’s segment featured a Spring Break party at South Padre Island, Texas where kids were — as you would expect — partying their hearts out.

Well, that’s when Hannity comes in with condemnation of the kids and their actions.


Hannity is something else.

Check out the Spring Break segment from FOX News below:

This is typical fear-mongering from FOX News as they play to their base, so we aren’t surprised.

And while, yes, you should party responsibly, don’t let some old conservative blow-hard on FOX News ruin your good time. You’re only in college for a short time, so enjoy it!

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