Boston College Reveals Special 911 uniforms

Thirteen years have gone by since two hijacked airplanes demolished New York City’s World Trade towers leaving thousands of people dead and many more in mourning.  One of those fallen souls belonged to 24 year old Boston College lacrosse player, Welles Crowther.

Crowther passed away amid committing a selfless act, saving over 10 people from the rubble during the attack.  Crowther was employed as an equities trader, but was volunteering as a fire fighter on the day of the attack.  His courageous act brought people to safety down 17 flights of stairs.  He was successful during his first two attempts but did not return from his third trip to save more people.

Boston College plans to wear a special edition “red bandana” uniform on Saturday when  they play USC at home in Chestnut Hill to honor Crowther and all the lives lost on that tragic day. Crowther was known for wearing a red bandana ever since he was a little kid, and played with one under his lacrosse helmet during his games, and was wearing one that fateful day.

Accompanying the bandana uniform, 6,000 red bandanas will be passed out to fans in Alumni Stadium.

For more on Crowther’s story, below is the link to a profile from ESPN’s Outside the Lines

*Section Photo credit to Doug Benc, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Mark Konezny, USA Today Sports


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