Faith and Sports

I wouldn’t call myself a super religious person. I grew up in a big catholic family but as I got older sports caused conflict with attending Sunday mass. Once I was a freshman in high school, church wasn’t as important to me.

In college, especially my freshman year, many obstacles were thrown my way. I struggled and had nothing to turn to. My sports career, the one thing that had always been there for me, wasn’t going as planned. I had lost everything that showed me meaning, including my religion.

But something about college pushed me to strive for something bigger than myself. I wasn’t going to find it in my friends or materialistic things. I had lost my religion. Not even my religion, but any relationship I ever had with God.

There’s an importance about believing in something bigger than you. That’s why I have so much respect for athletes who play for the man above. Every act on and off the field, is trying to do right by him. They know that this was never part of their plan but his. They are only as good as he allows them to be.

For me, I had to find something that made me comfortable with who I am and have faith in the plan laid out for me. I believe it’s important to play with faith.

Before every game, our team huddles for prayer. It’s not because we are religious or of the same denomination, but because we play for a cause that’s bigger than us. I think most people, especially athletes, are always striving for something. Whether it’s to win a national championship, become an All-American, or maybe to become a better person.  We do everything we can, but in the end we know it’s in his hands.

For me, I never used to pray before a game or even consider what his plan was for me, but college changed that. I know everything happens for a reason and to trust in the path he has for me. I can’t control everything, but I can control what I do and how I act and feel in a situation. The older I get, the more important my relationship I have with God is. Everyone has a different relationship, and if you are happy with where it is, then good for you.

I think athletes understand it the best. A little faith and a little hope can go a long way to help you be successful. You need to know at the end of the day, there is a plan. There is someone behind you, and someone who knows your plan.

Pics and Vids from Week 9
Pics and Vids from Week 9