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Syracuse Self-Imposes Postseason Ban


The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team is now banned from competing in postseason play, period. Based on their self-imposed ban on Wednesday, the team will not be allowed to play in the ACC tournament, NIT or NCAA tournament. With a 15-7 record, Syracuse would have had an uphill climb in order to receive a NIT or NCAA bid. Still, the current roster of players must have a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs based on the news.

University chancellor Kent Syverud said in a release, “We have taken responsibility for past violations and worked hard to ensure they are not repeated. I am disappointed for our current men’s basketball players who must shoulder this postseason ban. I also recognize that not participating in postseason play will be disappointing for many in the University community and to all Orange supporters.”

The investigation goes all the way back to March 2012, when school officials suggested that the university had possible self-reported violations. These violations were correlated to academic eligibility concerns as well as issues in regards to the school’s drug policy. At that time, the NCAA opened their investigation in search of both academic and internal drug policy violations by former members of the team. In addition, the probe also involved possible issues with the Syracuse football program.

Head basketball coach Jim Boeheim said in a news release, “I am very disappointed that our basketball team will miss the opportunity to play in the postseason this year. However, I supported this decision and I believe the University is doing the right thing by acknowledging that past mistakes occurred.”

All of this just happens to occur while Boeheim tries to move closer to Coach K for total number of wins all-time. Currently, Syracuse’s head man ranks second all-time to coach Krzyzewski’s 1,002 wins, with 963 of his own.

In fact, Coach K called the ban “shocking news.” He also said, “I feel bad that that’s happening. I love Syracuse, I love Jim and you don’t want anything bad to happen to any conference member.”

We shall see what other news will surface during the following weeks and months ahead for Syracuse University. For now, you will certainly not see the men’s basketball team playing in the postseason this year.

*Section Photo credit to Rich Barnes, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Rich Barnes, USA Today Sports


  1. O my. Sorry to hear it but what took so long? If this happened back in 2012 you would think someone would have jumped right on it? Shouldn’t academic violations be rather evident?
    Thanks for the article. Feel sorry for all those who have to suffer for the acts of a few. Jean

  2. I did not know that any other coach was anywhere near coach K. Sounds like Coach Boeheim is just a season away from reaching the 1,000 mark himself. Such a shame that players and others think that not being honest about academics and doing drugs won’t be found out eventually and hurt the team and university in the long run. Arty


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