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Pictures & Videos of the Week from March Madness


Where do I even start? I have enough links and pictures from the first four days of March Madness to break the internet into a thousand pieces. I’m fully aware that I’m three days late on this, but after not leaving the couch for about 100 hours last week I needed to recuperate, get my life together, and pick up the pieces from all the things I broke in my house. Games don’t tip off until 7pm tonight so sit back, enjoy, and get ready for another awesome weekend!

NC State upset Villanova on Saturday in a game where I think 75% of the country never really believed Villanova would win. Villanova came in with a chip on their shoulder, being doubted as a #1 seed, lacking a true star, and LOL because they made 4 or 5 three’s the entire game. NC State has real talent. It was just a matter of them putting it all together for an entire 40 minutes. The clip of the crying Villanova flute playing girl went viral quickly after CBS showed her after the Villanova loss. This video is gold, set to the tune of the theme song of the Titanic


Iowa stomped Davidson into the ground Friday and buried them by thirty points. No idea what this Iowa player’s name is, nor do I think my commentary can even do this video justice. I’m going to try anyway. Bench player on the left (the main character) realizes he’s on the video board at the game, he turns to player next to him on his right and says, “Yo look I’m famous”. Player on the right laughs. Player on the left keeps talking about how famous he is and points to the video board. Iowa Head Coach Fran Mccaffery turns around and catches them doing this.


UC-Irvine gave Louisville quite a scare in their first round match-up. In fact they even led with under three minutes to go. March Madness causes everyone involved to go bizerk. The UC-Irvine bench player seen in this video goes King Kong.


Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter became a celebrity after several news outlets reported he tore his Achilles celebrating with his team after they clinched a spot in the NCAA tournament. He wasn’t going to let a torn Achilles ruin his chance at the big dance, so he continued to coach from a stool that had wheels. Well, Thursday, after his son of all people hit the game winning three to beat Baylor in a major upset, he fell off his stool.


Saturday this video surfaced as he “rolled” into the arena for Round of 32 match-up against Xavier. Set to the tune of Chamillionaire’s classic “Ridin Dirty.”


North Florida band member, “John (I dance like this at weddings too) Robinson” made another appearance for their play-in game matchup against Robert Morris. North Florida lost, but that didn’t stop him from going BANANAS. I’m going to have to do some research to figure out this guy’s real name, because the name I mentioned above is something I just made up.


Wichita State grandma’s Rock!! No, like, literally they rock. This video went viral during the Shockers upset of 2 seeded Kansas. Fifteen seconds into it, the action happens, they start passing it around like it’s a 4 LOKO. Please come to my law school and show us how it’s done!


Boise State played Dayton in Dayton which made zero sense considering the NCAA tournament is supposed to be all about neutral sites, but whatever. Anyways, Boise State lost, and Dayton forward Dyshawn Pierre lost his shorts. The picture isn’t about the shorts falling off, it’s about the surrounding faces. All of the cheerleaders faces are like “Whoa, That’s a big butt”. One of them even points at it…LOL. The Boise State mascots face is the best though. He’s supposed to be Bronco, but he looks like a Buffalo. Regardless, his mouth is wide open and every time I look at it, I spill my coffee.


Kentucky center, Willie Cauley-Stein seems to end another opposing players’ life every week with a dunk. This one actually looked like it was going to break Cincinnati forward Quadri Moore’s back. Oh, and what makes this even better? They used to be teammates on the same AAU team. Moore’s face after he got dunked on is the same face you see on someone who has just seen a ghost.


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*Section Photo credit to Sean Gardner, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Jamie Rhodes, USA Today Sports.


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