UAB linebacker wears football helmet to graduation

In the long history of memorable college graduation moments, Derek Slaughter might have jumped to the top of the list.

The U

The moment was caught on video, and the very bizarre matter between the school officials and the defunked football program has gone viral.

CollegeFootballTalk’s report includes the video from the UAB graduation showing Slaughter hold his helmet up as he walks across the stage after collecting his diploma, ensuing cheers from the crowd. The video then shows Watts extend his hand for a shake.

Slaughter brushes by him and holds his helmet up again, bringing the decibal level of cheers to a mighty roar.


There isn’t a whole lot of love-loss in Birmingham between the prez and Blazers nation these days. School officials dropped the football program this winter, citing “financial reasons.”

Then, just this past Thursday, consulting firm OSKR concluded that the school’s claim was false and that the football program was in fact making the school money, multiple sources reported.

The situation is made more odd given that OSKR was originally hired by the school back in March to write up the final report for the UAB athletics task force, then fired a week later for fear that the report would be “biased.”

OSKR reportedly continued working on the report anyways, before coming to the conclusion that football–one of three sports in question–was not costing the exorbitant amount that the school’s accounting statements had claimed.

As of Thursday, the UAB board of trustees had no comment on the report. But it looks like Slaughter and his raised helmet might have spoken for the the party against the board’s decision anyways.


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