Congressman compares NCAA to plantation

The NCAA has its fair share of critics, but now it has one that it probably doesn’t want. According to CBS Sports’ Jon Solomon, Rep. Charlie Dent (a Republican from Pennsylvania) wants to reintroduce a bill called the NCAA Accountability Act.

But wait, there’s more…

Supporting Dent is Illinois’s Bobby Rush, who took his feelings about the NCAA to a different level.

Taking it a step further was New York’s John Katko, a congressman from Syracuse, who basically accused the NCAA of full-on bias.

Well, if Dent thought he was going to drum up major support to put the NCAA in its place, that opportunity is gone now. The last thing he needs is for one guy to accuse the organization of putting his team out to pasture, and another basically comparing the NCAA to a plantation.

But let’s talk about the latter statement for a bit. To say that the NCAA is like a plantation is brash, to say the least, but Rush isn’t entirely wrong. The organization makes hundreds of millions of dollars off of sponsorships, if not more, and the players (or “student-athletes”) don’t receive a dime even though they’re the reason the money comes in. Though they do receive room and board, unlimited meals, etc., there’s no denying that they do deserve something more for their hard work.

That said, maybe government oversight is what the NCAA needs.

The bill supported by Dent would include regular “baseline concussion testing,” automatic four-year scholarships for contact sports, and would establish the formation of a committee that would basically oversee everything NCAA from financials to health and safety. Dent said it best back in 2013.

“Profit and big business has trumped health, safety, and educational achievement,” Dent said in 2013. “The time has come for the NCAA to get back to its original purpose.”

Though Dent seems to have picked the wrong supporters, their words will hopefully make Congress take a second look at an organization that needs serious reforms.

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