Man at Wimbledon paints head as tennis ball and goes viral

Painting one’s face for a sporting event is not a new thing. In fact, unless you’re wearing face paint to a wedding or some other pish-posh event, there is a strong chance that no one will notice.

Except, you know, for this guy at Wimbledon. There’s no chance this guy is going unnoticed, ever.

In fact, he’s understandably gaining quite a bit of attention on the interwebs for turning is head into a darn tennis ball.

Sure, it is a wonder that anyone let this guy into such a prestigious establishment as the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, as BroBible as aptly points out.

Nevermind mind letting him in anywhere–we want to know what would possess anyone to do this to their hair and face? (Well, outside of a want for your photo to go viral, as this one most certainly is.)

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