Shaq, Scottie Pippen Beefing; calls Pippen a ‘Sidekick’

Everyone has a side kick. Jack and Jill. Batman and Robin. Shaq and Kobe. Kobe and Shaq. And in a recent beef war, Shaq made clear to Scottie Pippen that he was Batman and Pippen was Robin.

After posing a hypothetical question to his fans, Shaq asked which dynasty players from both the Lakers as well as the Bulls would win in a 5-on-5 if they played.  Scottie Pippen was ready with the ammo, though, and posted a picture on Instagram, disregarding  Shaq’s hypotheticals and saying that “…[he] won 6 titles, twice the amount you claimed in LA.”

Now everyone knows  you don’t talk like that to the Shaqtus himself.

Photoshopping Jordan’s head onto Pippen’s, Shaq clapped back with a the same picture with the caption saying, “…#youwereok Steve Kerr and Ron Harper deserve more credit than you, remember I was Batman you was Robin. I was Puffy you was Mase.

But he wasn’t done there. He posted another picture with Pippen’s face on a sidekick asking, “Anyone need a sidekick?”

And everyone knows that when in doubt, make fun of Shaq’s horrendous free throw ability. Pippen came back with a rather flat comeback, comparing his freethrow ability to his smack talk. But then, like in All Star defender style, he came back with a collage of Shaq as a sidekick to Kobe, D Wade, Nash, and Lebron.

But Shaq has to have the last word. O’Neal posted three pictures thereafter, one of his feet telling people to but Pippen’s shoe at “”, one calling him Scottina Pippen, and one video of Pippen playing D on Kobe, only to get alley ooped by the big man.

#ouch #whycantwebefriends

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