Video: John Cena suffers legitimate broken nose on Raw

“Wrestling is fake.” Nothing pisses off wrestling fans more than those three words. The athleticism is real. The training is real. The being on the road and away from your family for 300 days a year is real.

Most importantly, the injuries are real. Fifteen-time world champion and current United States Champion John Cena found that out the very hard way last night on Monday Night Raw.

Cena was defending his title in a match against current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Rollins hit Cena with a high knee to the face and hit him in the just the correct way that it broke his nose. No really, it broke his nose.

Skip to around the one-minute mark to see the injury.

WWE shared a photo on Instagram of Cena following the match, in which he continued and won. The photo is very graphic.

I may not be a huge fan of Cena, but I surely have always respected the hell out of him. I wouldn’t call him the toughest guy in the business like many on social media world were last night.

That moniker still belongs to the retired Stone Cold Steve Austin after he broke his neck in a 1997 Summerslam match with the late, great Owen Hart and continued the match while being temporarily paralyzed.

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