Auburn has installed a massive AU logo to back of scoreboard

The award for biggest scoreboard in college football is now held by the Auburn Tigers.

Jordan Hare stadium received a $3.5 million dollar video board renovation this offseason, and on Thursday they released the official “branding” pictures on their Instagram. It is definitely a sight to see.

Unfortunately fans will have to wait until week 2 of the college football season to experience the massive scoreboard live.

The Tigers are coming into this year with a lot of hype and expectations. They have been chosen by many experts to win the SEC West and also contend for a spot in the college football playoffs.

There is no question that winning is the recipe for everything. Some schools will have stadium renovations no matter the teams performance on the field, but most of my the time you must have proven success.

If Auburn football has a big year like they should, the massive scoreboard will only help the publicity, which in turn will increase revenue for the school tremendously.

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