Tinder slams Vanity Fair in a 31-page Twitter rant

An application known for being the hotspot destination for locals to take part in MA-rated activities, Tinder took offense in an article by Nancy Jo Sales, a psychologist who composes pieces for Vanity Fair. In fact, Tinder is so appalled by Sales’s choice to refer to the dating app as the responsible lonewolf for the “dating apocalypse” that they conducted several journal entries on Twitter worth 31 pages.

Sales’s induced vomit of moral code on the “Tinder Generation” mocks the user base as the catalyst in creating more short-term relationships and divorces. Furthermore, Tinder’s rebuttal outlined a softer, more chivalrous tone by adopting the facts of a diverse demographic, including a woman from Pakistan and citizens of North Korea and China, where social media is frowned upon.

Backlashes against Vanity Fair include insulting Sales’s credibility and close-mindedness towards the symbolism behind Tinder:

Dissolving the animosity towards Sales for the sake of brevity, Tinder undergoes a transformation and a bizarre tangent in its comments, solidifying Tinder’s core values and its own existence:

Depicting the reason for the rabbling by Tinder can be as simplistic as general impulsivity or as sophisticated as this…

To see the rest of the one-sided conversation Tinder had on Twitter, click here.

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