Arizona State ‘very likely’ to introduce women’s lacrosse

A year after inducting men’s ice hockey to its arsenal of sports programs, Arizona State’s A.D., Ray Anderson, announced the high probability of the Tempe campus becoming a home to women’s lacrosse.

“We don’t want to be the largest public institution in the country with only 22 varsity sports. Now we’re at 23 with hockey. We’ll be at 24 with triathlon. And very likely go to 25 with women’s lacrosse by this time next year.”

After closing statements in a discussion on which sport – women’s crew or women’s lacrosse – to couple with ice hockey, whose program were recipients of a $32 million donation, the university ended up selecting lacrosse since women’s crew was sought out to be more of a financial risk.

Ray Anderson not only summed up his intention to diversify Arizona State’s sports portfolio, but also mentioned that it’s for the sake of competing with fellow Pac-12 members, such as Stanford and UCLA. And furthermore, if finances allow, the university will see an extension of sports to include women’s crew, men’s gymnastics and more.

Twenty-five’s not good enough. I see Stanford and UCLA and Ohio State, and even some of the Ivy League schools sponsoring 31, 32, 34 varsity sports. I want to compete in anything and everything Stanford and UCLA and anybody else wants to compete in.

We’ll add as we’re able, fiscally, to do it. But there’s no question in my mind I see this place and where we are geographically, and think about men’s soccer, men’s tennis, women’s crew, women’s field hockey, men’s gymnastics coming back.

A university prized mostly for its softball and baseball, including women’s lacrosse for the 2016 season will allow Arizona State to wipe out any blemishes pertaining to Title IX requirements, which covers discrimination based on gender.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Sports360AZ