Les Miles ‘can’t possibly imagine’ Fournette sitting out 2016

Ever since an article regarding LSU running back Leonard Fournette and whether he should sit out the 2016 season to prepare for the NFL Draft came out on Wednesday, that has been the talk of the entire college football world. Even with Fournette coming out and saying that he wouldn’t leave his teammates out to dry, people still believe there is a possibility it could still happen.

If you ask his head coach, he will tell you almost exactly what Fournette did.

According to ESPN, LSU head coach Les Miles has blatantly said that he doesn’t believe Fournette would ever sit out the 2016 season, even if he runs the risk of having a bad year or injuring himself.

“To me, there’s a lot of people out there stirring the pot,” Miles said during his weekly radio show Wednesday night. “Just, let’s make controversy. Why not? OK? I can’t imagine that Leonard would be sitting anywhere inactive for a fall. I just can’t possibly imagine it.”

In the past two games, Fournette has ran for career-highs with 228 and 244 yard performances. With the Tigers facing the worst rushing defense in the country in Eastern Michigan this weekend, there’s a good chance he will break a ton of records and further pad the books for his Heisman Trophy campaign.

Fournette had already taken to Twitter Tuesday night in response to these rumors. He was back at it again on Wednesday.

“I think there’s a lot of speculation and a lot of conversation that speaks to ‘what if’ for someone else. ‘What if Leonard Fournette? What if, what if, what if?'” Miles said. “I guess what has to happen is the guy who worked as hard as he did and put himself in position to have a great college career, maybe — what if — what if he’s got goals to go down as one of the greatest running backs ever? What if he really enjoys his teammates and enjoys being a part of a college atmosphere? What if he’s serious about getting his degree? What if he has a financial position that offsets injury? What if — I mean, what if, my goodness. You could ‘what if’ forever.

“The reality of it is Leonard is a squared-away guy. He’ll do the right thing. I’m for him. And what if somebody else made the decision? That would be the only ‘what if’ that I’d have a real issue with: ‘What if somebody just talked enough to make a mess?’ I don’t know. That’s another ‘what if.'”

Fournette still has a lot of time to grow. How much growing he CAN do after this season may be another story. Honestly, even if Fournette wins the Heisman this year, making history, like winning two in a row for the first time since 1974, certainly wouldn’t hurt his draft stock either.

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