Oldest living Clemson fan predicts victory for the Tigers

Leone Branham, a Clemson fan who turned 104 years old over the weekend, but is apparently still young at heart, thinks her favorite team will defeat Notre Dame Saturday on the gridiron. The Clemson native, who has lived in the town since the 1960’s, has been alive for all but 10 of the program’s 114 seasons, according to a local news station. She gave her prediction to Live 5 News in Clemson earlier this week.

“They will win but it’s going to be close,” Branham said.

Notre Dame and Clemson have not played since 1977, way back when Branham was a spry 66-year-old. Days before this year’s match-up she received a visit from Clemson’s mascot who came bearing cake and gifts — including a signed photo of Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney. When asked how she feels when Clemson wins, Branham said she “feels great.” When they lose?

“I cry,” she said.

Check out Branham’s surprise, and prediction, when she realizes what is happening.

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