Charlie Strong ‘has breathing room’ at Texas

Though the Texas Longhorns are 1-4 and in the middle of a lost season, it appears that the job of head coach Charlie Strong is safe for now. Per Joe Schad of ESPN, a source has said that Strong “has breathing room” and is not in danger of losing his job.

“Charlie has a lot of breathing room,” one source said Monday. “There is nowhere near the pressure to remove him at this time that there was with Steve Patterson or even Mack Brown.”

“Charlie has the support of the people he needs to be supported by right now,” another Texas source said Sunday. “The last thing they want to do is make a change.”

That’s a fair assessment, as a lot of the team’s struggles this season shouldn’t fall entirely on strong. Much of the Longhorns’ core is underclassmen, namely star linebacker Malik Jefferson, and while some of said underclassmen are talented, the lack of experience has effected Texas’ performance in 2015.

On top of that, Strong has only been in Austin for a year and is still sort of cleaning up the mess left behind by his predecessor, Mack Brown. In cases like that, it’s perfectly normal for teams to take a step back before moving forward, particularly one like Texas that saw so many seemingly top recruits not pan out under Brown following the graduation of star quarterback Colt McCoy.

That said, though some fans are calling for his dismissal, it’s refreshing to know that Strong still has support within the higher Longhorn community and will be given further opportunity to help the program rise up like the phoenix from the ashes. It may not be this year, but Strong is a good enough coach and recruiter that it can be done sooner rather than later.