Give me liberty or give me Mac and Cheese

The United States of America is known as the land of opportunity, and by chance people love to use that option and go shopping, eating and drinking.   That’s exactly what a student from the University of Connecticut was trying to do this past week.

In this 9 minute long video released on YouTube, the UCONN student appears to be under the influence and trying to feed his passion for bacon jalapeno mac and cheese.

After running amok, the manager of the market denies the kid service.


Check the video out, here is the coverage play by play:

1:20 the student realizes he’s on camera.

1:45 we learn the student can read the manager’s name tag, then pushes the man

1:57 a friend tries to break up the fight

2:09 the student drops his wallet

2:15 he learns he dropped his wallet

2:40 the student fights his “friend”

2:42 a chef comes breaks up the fight

3:03 another chef comes to the rescue

4:12 another friend comes to talk sense into the student

4:38 the manager asks the student’s name- he says it’s McLovin

5:11: yet another friends tries to save the day

5:53 a man with a beard seems to have some power

6:15 the student then pushes manager

6:17 once again another chef holds back the student

6:35 the student is being held on the floor, the police are called

7:58 police show up, student realizes he is getting arrested

8:56 the student manages to get his sliders back on

He should have been arrested for wearing white socks with sliders. Shouldn’t this country just be a flag with a big bowl of mac and cheese on it…with bacon and jalapeno of course!

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