UConn student expelled for drunken mac and cheese rant

Looks like things are getting too spicy for the pepper — especially the jalapeno bacon mac and cheese Luke Gatti, a student from UCONN, didn’t get.

Remember when you were not happy with the college food and you would protest for better pizza? Well, at UCONN they voice their opinion a bit different. Gatti, only 19 years old, brought a beer to the dining hall and shouted for mac and cheese, but when the manager did not like his attitude things got a bit prickly.

A chef, another chef, and many students could not control Gatti as he vociferously demanded his soul food this past week.

Now the tale has turned sour as he is expelled from the university. Luckily, since everyone has a phone we were able to see the video of Gatti protesting, but we also get to see him pack his luggage and leave school.

Watch the video again and see if he truly needed to be expelled, or does it make you think “You’ve gouda brie kidding me?

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