Arizona State urging fans to avoid black face this weekend

Fans have been known to engage in some wild face-painting prior to sporting events in an effort to showcase their school spirit and fandom. Unfortunately, in some cases, we see tone-deaf fans show their insensitive nature by showing up in “black face.”

This always sparks outrage and Arizona State is hoping to avoid any of that negative attention this weekend.

This weekend’s game against the Colorado Buffaloes is being marketed as the school’s “blackout” game, so they are worried of the possibility that some racist face paint could be showing up.

In an effort to stop any poor decisions, Arizona State sent out a message urging fans to avoid covering their faces in black paint.

“Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Athletics posted a message Monday asking fans not to paint their faces at any sporting event, a notable request ahead of ASU Football’s annual “blackout” game this weekend,” a USA TODAY Sports report read.

“ASU fans wear all black during the annual blackout game as a way to show team spirit for the players when they wear their all-black uniforms. This year’s is against University of Colorado Boulder this Saturday, and they’re promoting #BlackOutBuffs.”

Last year’s blackout game led to some controversy.

“Last year, the game sparked controversy when a few fans wore black face paint to the game, which some said too closely echoed blackface, a form of theatrical makeup widely regarded as racist,” the report continued.

“During the backlash in the weeks after that game, the African-American student coalition at ASU and other leaders called for a ban on all face paint. In the end, ASU asked fans not to paint their faces for any games but did not ban its use.”

Let’s hope the students listen, but you know there will be at least a few who decide to defy the request and show up with their insensitive look.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports