NFL likely to play game in Mexico in 2016

The NFL is always looking for ways to expand their fan base and that has been obvious by their playing in London over the past few seasons. They are looking to expand even farther and are reportedly targeting the 2016 season to play their first ever game in Mexico. It appears that it will happen, but the league still doesn’t know which two teams will play in the game.

One team that would make a lot of sense to play in the game is the Dallas Cowboys, who are already very popular down in Texas.

Perhaps the NFL would rather introduce two new teams to the mix so that fans have other options to root for than just the Cowboys. Either way, this is a big step in the right direction for the NFL. Playing in Mexico would also be much easier on the teams rather than traveling all the way to London and playing in a completely different time zone.

That being said, this will be an intriguing situation to keep an eye on moving forward. It’s obvious that the NFL is going to make this move sometime soon and fans should be expecting to see it next season.

Expect to hear plenty more news about this situation and make sure to keep coming back to Campus Sports as we will have updates on this situation whenever they become available in the future.