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Michigan fans throw blue paint balloons at MSU statue, band


If anyone thought that Michigan Wolverines fans showed the lack of class that has made them hated in the past by defacing Magic Johnson’s statue at Michigan State, there is a new story that shows an even lower low for the Michigan fan base.

They threw water balloons filled with blue paint at an MSU statue and the marching band.


Michigan hasn’t been relevant in quite some time and this excitement is coming from finally being a Big Ten contender. They are ranked No. 12 in the nation, while Michigan State is a step above them at No. 7.

It is sad to see this rivalry come down to vandalism, although the only vandalism that has happened has been done by the Michigan fans.

This situation took things too far and hopefully those that did it will be found and punished. Vandalism needs to be taken seriously and these “fans” need to see some jail time for defacing statues. Unfortunately this is where sports has been heading and there is a twisted sense of what being a fan really means,

Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines have to be incredibly disappointed in their fans and this time of senseless violence has to stop.

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