Video: Buffalo Bills fans now suplexing each other throw tables

A running trend in Buffalo, New York is for fans to hit each other with wrestling moves. The last two weeks we have seen a fan RKO another off a truck bed through a table and another throw a fellow fan through a table with an Attitude Adjustment.

The Bills got beat by the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday 34-21, but the loss didn’t discourage the fans. BroBible shared a video of one fan taking inspiration from Brock Lesnar and taking another fan to “Suplex City” by suplexing him through an already-beat up table.

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You know, a few weeks ago I advised these guys to stop doing this for their own safety. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon, so I might as well encourage it.

Next time, remember to lift with you knees and not your back. It would also add a better effect if the other guy gave you a little help by jumping on cue.

The Bills play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Sunday, October 25. I know British people are usually even bigger WWE fans, so I hope that one of them gets the bright idea of using a chair on another. That would be awesome.

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