New Day Retain Tag Team titles against Dudley Boyz

The New Day retained the Tag Team Championship once again thanks to some “interference,” defeating the Dudley Boys once again. Kofi Kingston and Big E remained over as heels, even cutting a great promo to the L.A. crowd, making fun of the Lakers in the process.

The action started with D-Von and Kingston grappling, before Bubba Ray was tagged in and a double elbow drop executed. Kingston then retreated outside the ring to his protector, Big E, before coming back in as Bubba Ray continued to unleash the fury.

D-Von then tagged back in before taking a kick from Kingston, who then tagged in Big E. The 300-pounder then went on the offensive in the corner as he and Kingston kept tagging each other in to beat the ref’s count while also continuing the assault.

Kingston then planted D-Von with a DDT before the latter kicked out of a pinfall attempt. The assault continued as Big E tagged back in and nailed D-Von with a splash. The champs then upped the heel heat by attempting the Dudleys’ signature “Whassup,” only for D-Von to counter and tag his partner back in.

Bubba Ray then continued the action on Big E, mocking the man’s signature dancing before D-Von landed Whassup. This is when things got interesting.

Kingston then got hit as Bubba Ray ended up with the trombone of Xavier Woods, absent from this match due to injuries sustained at the Dudleys’ hands, as Kingston insisted that the referee ring the bell and name the New Day winners by disqualification. The match continued and the Dudleys landed 3-D, only for Kingston to kick out.

Big E then picked up half of the trombone that Bubba Ray snapped in half earlier, hitting Bubba Ray with it while the ref attended to Kingston in the corner. Kingston then landed Trouble in Paradise as New Day retained the Tag Team titles once again.

Though some surely wanted the Dudleys to win, this was a great match for both sides. New Day are over as heels and proved that Woods isn’t always needed, and now sets up a great match for Survivor Series, maybe with tables involved? Either way, stay tuned to this feud, because it’s far from over.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE