Charlotte retains Divas Championship against Nikki Bella

The Divas Division continued its rise in popularity as Charlotte retained her championship against Nikki Bella.

Charlotte began the match on the offensive, nailing Nikki in the corner several times. Nikki eventually countered with an elbow that put the champ out of the ring. Charlotte was then put over the barricade as Nikki continued on offense.

Nikki then proceeded to just keep beating the living life out of Charlotte outside the ring before putting her back in the ring to attempt a pin, only for the Divas Champion to kick out. Nikki then grappled and tried to get Charlotte to tap out before landing a snap suplex.

Charlotte began her comeback shortly afterward, landing several chops to Nikki’s chest before the challenger attempted a backslide, which failed.

Soon after, Nikki locked Charlotte in a half crab as the champ groaned in pain. Charlotte tried to reach for the ropes before Nikki slammed her leg back to the mat. Nikki then unleashed some more offense before attempting another pin, but Charlotte kicked out.

Charlotte then hit Nikki with a big boot and attempted a pin, but Nikki kicked out again. Charlotte then attempted a suplex, but her back gave out as Nikki was on the offensive yet again. But the champ was not done.

After getting slapped in the face, Charlotte unleashed more chops as Nikki was literally backed into a corner before landing another elbow and missing a subsequent jump off the ropes. Charlotte then caught an attempted kick by Nikki before bringing her down with a neckbreaker. A pin was attempted, and Nikki kicked out.

It wasn’t long before Nikki was back on the ground thanks to a spear from Charlotte, not to mention a suplex off the top rope right before. The champ then attempted the Figure Eight, but Nikki countered and got to the rope, taking advantage of a banged up Charlotte. The action went outside the ring again as Nikki landed an Alabama Slam to Charlotte on the ring of the apron.

Nikki then attempted the Rack Attack in the ring, but Charlotte countered. Enter the Figure Eight, and Nikki tapped once again as Paige and Becky Lynch came out to congratulate their teammate. Oddly enough, Paige did not turn full heel, as was anticipated.

Simply put, the Divas Division is where it’s at right now. A match between Charlotte and Paige seems inevitable, but the creative team has thrown curveballs before.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports