Kevin Owens defeats Ryback to retain IC Title

Ryback began the match by fighting angry, just beating the living hell out of Owens. The Big Guy then landed a vertical suplex as the champ shouted to be let go.

Then it was Owens’ turn, attempting some shoulder checks, but Ryback countered with even more brawling.

But Owens wasn’t done yet. After taking some more punishment, he slammed Ryback to the ground before attempting a pinfall, but the challenger kicked out. Owens then lined up for a cannonball, but Ryback moved out of the way just in time before landing a spinebuster. He then went for the Meathook Clothesline, but settled for a powerbomb. Owens then kicked out of another pinfall attempt.

Ryback then opted to go to the top rope, but Owens landed a hit that knocked The Big Guy out of the ring, only getting back in once the ref’s count started getting higher.

Owens was then clotheslined before Ryback attempted Shellshock, but countered by grabbing the rope. It was just another minute before Owens landed the Pop-Up Powerbomb to retain the title in what was a highly disappointing match.

There’s no doubt that Owens is over as a heel and Ryback wasn’t the best IC Champion, but the young fans love him. With this loss, he’s destined for the midcard again and probably some meaningless feuds, a la Dolph Ziggler.

Rumor is Owens will now feud with Dean Ambrose, but that doesn’t take away from one truth.

This match just plain sucked. End of story.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE