Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt inside Hell in a Cell

Roman Reigns ended his lengthy feud with Bray Wyatt by scoring a pinfall victory inside Hell in a Cell.

This match began exactly how we expected. Reigns started beating on Wyatt mercilessly, even tossing him into the side of the cell a few times. Wyatt then tried to strike back, only for Reigns to counter.

Wyatt then took it to the next level, striking Reigns in the face with a Kendo stick before hitting him again, this time in the back. The beatdown continued, with Reigns groaning in pain as Wyatt continued to strike him with the stick.

The Juggernaut finally countered with a punch, but Wyatt was ready with a knee to the stomach and yet another strike with the stick. Reigns then rolled out of the ring as commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler speculated that Reigns’ ribs were broken.

Wyatt then got a steel chair out from under the ring and appeared ready to strike, only to change his mind. Rather, he sat in the chair and hit Reigns with the Kendo stick twice more before sticking the chair inside the wall of the cell. He then punched Reigns some more before Reigns countered, but Wyatt was ready again, this time breaking the stick over Reigns.

The two then continued to brawl, and Wyatt was hoisted by his own petard as Reigns drove him into the previously placed chair. It was then Reigns’ turn as he grabbed two Kendo Sticks and beat Wyatt with them a few times before the self-proclaimed New Face of Fear fell.

As the crowd roared, Reigns then took it to a new level in grabbing a table, smiling the whole time. He then said, “One ain’t enough. We need two tables!”

Wyatt then countered, but Reigns was ready. The two were on the ring’s apron with a table below. Just when we thought Reigns would put Wyatt through it with a DDT, Wyatt put him through it before going on the offensive again, doing a flipping slam onto Reigns before checking him into the wall of the cell yet again.

Wyatt then prepared another table as Reigns struggled to his feet in the corner before being placed on the ropes. Wyatt was trying to do a suplex off the rope, but Reigns went on the offensive again with punches and headbutts before jumping down and powerbombing Wyatt through the table. He attempted a pin, but Wyatt kicked out.

The two then slowly got up, but Reigns went on the offensive yet again, punching Wyatt in the corner before going for a spear, only to be caught by Wyatt. Sister Abigail was attempted, only for Reigns to roll him up before unleashing a Superman punch. He attempted a pin, and Wyatt kicked out again.

The action continued on the apron, with Reigns running forward to spear Wyatt through a table. The two rattled men then slowly got up as Reigns put his opponent in the ring, attempted a pin, only for Wyatt to just barely kick out again.

Reigns then set up for another spear, only to be kicked by Wyatt, who then landed Sister Abigail. Reigns kicked out by the skin of his teeth.

Wyatt then launched a double Kendo stick attack before sticking them in the turnbuckle, one on top of the other on different levels. He picked up Reigns, saying “You asked for this!” before Reigns countered, ripped out a stick and then beat Wyatt with it before driving him into the second.

With a cry of “OOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHH,” Reigns then speared Wyatt and scored the pinfall victory, probably ending the feud.

Reigns is definitely over as a top babyface, but what’s next for Wyatt? Will he get a long overdue push or still be jobber to the stars? Only time will tell.