Seth Rollins defeats Kane to retain championship

Seth Rollins went to hell and back against Kane, but managed to walk away with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship once again.

Rollins started the match in typical cowardly fashion, shoving Kane before the Demon went on the offensive with a slam and some punches as Rollins fell out of the ring.

Kane didn’t waste time as he started disassembling an announce table, but Rollins countered and went on offense against the seven-footer, with Kane falling out of the ring this time around. Kane got back in the ring, but the beatdown continued.

Kane attempted to counter with some offense, but Rollins nailed him with some kicks to the chest as Kane was on his knees. Rollins then went to the top rope to attempt a dive, but fell square into a right hand from Kane.

Rollins then managed to get Kane in the corner again and continued with even more offense, shouting “You are just a man!” multiple times. The champ then went to attempt another splash, but was clotheslined. The action was taken into the corner again, and Rollins was superplexed off the top rope.

Rollins tried to counter with more offense, but only received a big boot to the gut. A pin was attempted, and Rollins kicked out.

Kane then went to the rope and Rollins attempted a counter, but failed. The momentum shifted in the Demon’s favor as he attempted a Chokeslam, but Rollins countered with a Pele kick before attempting a Pedigree. Kane countered, landed a Chokeslam, but Rollins kicked out of a pin attempt. A Tombstone Piledriver was then attempted, but Rollins escaped the ring. Kane then performed a sidewalk slam onto the announce table.

A table was disassembled again as the referee began his count. A Chokeslam was attempted, but Rollins powerbombed his opponent onto the adjacent table, which tipped over. The count continued, and Kane got back into the ring just in time. A Pedigree was attempted, but Kane countered again before being kicked in the head. Rollins then nailed two flying knees off the top rope as Kane was visibly stunned. A superkick. Kane still stood. ANother one finally put Kane down as Rollins went back to the top rope, landed a tremendous Frog Splash, but Kane kicked out of a pin attempt as Rollins sat up in disbelief.

Suddenly, Kane’s arm rose for an attempted Chokeslam, but Rollins countered before landing a Pedigree to score the pinfall victory, retain his title and ensure that Kane would not return as Director of Operations.

Though Kane’s age showed in this match, Rollins continues to be a top heel in the company. Whatever happens next on his path of title defenses, however, remains a mystery.

Kane, on the other hand, seems bound for retirement. He’s pushing 50, got his last push, and now can focus on spending time with his family. Perhaps on Raw tomorrow night, he’ll give a passionate retirement speech.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE