Undertaker falls to Lesnar, gets attacked by Wyatts

The two began by dancing around each other before Lesnar attempted a German suplex, but the Dead Man countered with some punches before getting put back into the corner and hit with some shoulders by The Beast.

Undertaker then continued the offense in the corner before stepping away, and Lesnar attempted another German suplex before Undertaker countered and hip-checked him out of the ring before taking the action towards the wall of the cell. Lesnar Irish-whipped him into the wall before going for an F5, but Undertaker countered again and split Lesnar’s head open with a drive into the steel post.

Undertaker drove Lesnar into the cell wall one more time before getting a steel chair nad pushing Lesnar back into the ring. Lesnar than got up and planted the future Hall of Famer with a spinebuster. He then grabbed the chair and began hitting Undertaker with it, but Undertaker countered with a punch before a doctor tended to Lesnar’s forehead.

Lesnar then continued the assault with the chair outside the ring as Undertaker fell down, and the assault continued. Lesnar even took off one of his MMA gloves before landing a punch. Undertaker then landed a reverse suplex, countering an attempted one by Lesnar. Soon after, Undertaker slammed Lesnar’s throat onto the back of the chair before continuing the assault with a face-grab.

But Lesnar finally got up and landed his first German suplex of the night before getting another one right after. And then a third before landing the F5. He went for the pin, but Undertaker kicked out. The doctor then came in to tend to Undertaker as Lesnar grabbed a chair against the referee’s protests, but then sent the two flying out of the ring before getting another F5 on Undertaker, who kicked out of an attepted pin again.

Then it was time for the steel steps to get involved. Lesnar planted The Dead Man with a hit from them, but Undertaker kicked out of another pinfall attempt. Another hit with the stairs was attempted, but Undertaker rolled out of the way.

Another hit was attempted, but ‘Taker kicked him away. As Lesnar looked to get Undertaker up again, he walked smack into Hell’s Gate as fans awaited either a tap or Lesnar fading away again. Instead, Lesnar broke the hold and began some MMA ground-and-pound before falling away again in exhaustion.

Things then got weird as Lesnar then began ripping up the mats, but then Undertaker sat up, suddenly waking from assumed slumber before Chokeslamming Lesnar to exposed wood. In other words, OW.

Lesnar then stumbled up to his feet before Undertaker grabbed him and hit a Tombstone Piledriver on the wood, with the Phenom noticeably shocked. He then did his signature throat-slash gesture, but then Lesnar nailed Undertaker with a low blow, avenging the two times Undertaker did the same to him at both Battleground and Summerslam.

Enter a third F5, and Lesnar scored a pinfall victory to end the feud for good.

But that wasn’t all. After an exhausted Undertaker slowly rose to his feet to cheers from the crowd, the Wyatt family came out and attacked him mercilessly before carrying him out of the ring and up the ramp.

Regarding that, maybe it’s a Wrestlemania 32 preview? Maybe it’s a new angle that will be further explained tomorrow? Either way, even in defeat, Undertaker did a great job and Brock Lesnar is over once again.

That’s all for this pay-per-view, kids. See you next month for Survivor Series!

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to WWE