Georgia Tech frat bro injures himself trying to recreate 007 stunt

A Georgia Tech student who went missing for two days last week apparently suffered his extensive injuries jumping off a bridge, not from being jumped as initially claimed. It seems Jimmy Hubert, 24, had been partying when he tried to recreate a stunt from the James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ and jumped off a bridge onto a moving train.

Of course Hubert’s attempt didn’t go as smoothly as Bond’s and is left with broken vertebrae, broken ribs, a punctured lung, bleeding in his brain and paralysis — in addition to hypothermia while left injured on the ground.

Hubert first told his family that he had been jumped by several men and left for dead before being found 48 hours later by his frat brothers.

After expressing their support of Hubert, his family released the following statement Wedensday:

“It appears that he somehow got aboard a moving freight train. How he did this is unclear. What happened between his time on the train and the time he was found remains a mystery.

“Did he do something reckless? It appears that he did. Was there a robbery? Police are still investigating that.”

“Our priority is to focus on Jimmy’s health, and he gets stronger every day. He is also remembering more each day, and we are fully cooperating with the on-going police investigation,” they stated.

[H/T: NY Daily News]

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