Jim Harbaugh has awesome Halloween strategy, son hasn’t tried it

When you’re a kid, Halloween is in the same league as Christmas. You put on a costume of your choosing, go from house to house to trick-or-treat, and end the night with a boatload of candy to last a good long while.

But Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has forever changed the way we look at Halloween, after he shared earlier this week the idea of going trick-or-treating twice in one night just by switching costumes. That’s certainly ballsy. The revered coach further elaborated on the con he used in his youth:

“I’ve tried to advise them to get two costumes, to be go-getters,” Harbaugh told Galli on Monday. “You can hit the neighborhood in one costume and better to jog and to run from house to house then you can get more candy than anybody else. Then you come home and make a quick change into a second costume and go hit those same houses again.”

“Hustle, constant hustle, hustling at all times,” he said, laughing. “I had the standard sheet with the eyes cut out. I always wanted the mask and the cape, Spider-Man, but we never did get one of those.”

However, Harbaugh’s son Jay has never tried this practice despite hearing of it. Speaking to Angelique S. Chengelis of The Detroit News, the younger Harbaugh further elaborated.

“I never practiced that one, but I had heard it before,” Harbaugh said Wednesday. “Actually, I have never seen it practiced, but it’s a good one. I was a standard one-costume guy.”

That said, for any trick-or-treaters who may be reading this, check how much money you have saved up and get yourself another costume if you want to double your candy stash this season!

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports