T.I. on balancing multiple ventures and favorite Atlanta team

In the latest episode of Campus Sports’ online series “Time Out,” we sat down with hip hop artist and entrepreneur T.I. at his new restaurant in Atlanta, Scales 925.

T.I. discussed how he is able to balance all of the activities in his life from music to acting and his love for sports.

Check out the full interview and quotes below:

On inspiration for new restaurant, Scales 925

“It’s called Scales 925. It’s upscale Southern cuisine. We just really wanted to introduce a new experience, a new ambience to the city. All I can do is prepare myself for the opportunity. Preparation plus an opportunity equals success.”

On balancing multiple ventures in life

“I lose sleep; delegate responsibilities and prioritize. I lose sleep, I lose hair, I lose money — you know what I mean — but, at the end of the day, you can only go around the world once. This life is a one-way ticket, so why we are here I just want to be the best person that I can, create as many opportunities for others as I can and diversify myself as much as possible before I leave here.”

On the appeal of sports

“I think it’s the competition. It’s the will to win; you know, overcoming odds and obstacles and pushing yourself past your physical limitations. It’s the camaraderie of teams, teamwork. It can be so many things. Plus, it’s America’s pasttime. It’s incredible and lucrative before you manipulate it to your favor.”

On why the Georgia Bulldogs are his favorite Atlanta team

“I love ’em all, but I’d probably say the Bulldogs. You know, they play with so much passion and there is so little business involved as far as the players are concerned. They aren’t really staying because they have to like renegotiate contracts. They’re not staying because they get a lot of money. They’re staying because they believe in the franchise, they believe in the team and they believe in the sport. Not to say you should make some money; once you turn professional, you should and maximize your contract and get paid. But once you get paid, you should perform. If you’re getting paid more than you perform, the jury is out.”

On the best advice ever received

“You can’t hold on to the grass and reach for the stars at the same time. You’ve got to let one go.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports