Amazing pumpkin carvings to inspire you this Halloween

How many of you carved a pumpkin that looked like this, this year?

It’s cool.

Me too.

That’s because my pumpkin carving skills are slim to none.

It’s probably the case for most of us that our pumpkins will look like a total Pinterest fail this year, but, for some experts, it’s that time of year for to pull out all the stops and put all us amateur carvers to shame. Like we need to feel worse about our own pumpkins, right? But check out these pumpkins that seem too cool to be real and maybe you’ll be motivated to step up your game.

I mean, seriously, you guys, HOW?!

Oh, and this you guys.

Feel inspired?

Or just feeling like it’s time to give up and dip into the punch bowl?

Or how about both?