Top 10 scary movies ideal for Netflix & Chill

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means that if you’re not going to any parties, don’t have any kids to take trick-or-treating and, most importantly, are single, it’s a prime opportunity Netflix and Chill… Halloween style.

The main goal being, like any good Netflix and chill session is to do more chilling than watching movies, but being that it is Halloween you now have an excuse to binge. You also have the added bonus that your crush gets so scared that she grabs onto you and comes to view you as her protector for the evening.

It just so happens that thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, on-demand or even your personal DVD and/or Blu-Ray collection, there are some great horror flicks at your disposal. If you’ve got your eye on your cute co-worker, the Starbucks barista who always gives you two shots of espresso for the price of one, or even your neighbor that lives in the apartment down the hall from you, then you should definitely take advantage of the season and invite that special someone over for a midnight marathon.

It just so happens Campus Sports LOVES horror movies and know which ones could just do the trick in terms of helping prove to your roommates that you won’t be adopting 30 cats any time soon.

After much research, we have come up with 10 movies that are ideal for the ultimate Halloween Netflix & Chill night.

Let’s jump right in!