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Victorian Era couple that’s not just dressing up for Halloween


Halloween may be over, but for this couple, dressing up in Victorian Era garb isn’t a costume. It’s so much more.

In fact, for the past six years, not only has this husband and wife from Port Townsend, Washington been dressing as Victorian Era characters, but also trying to live a lifestyle consistent with the time period.

For Gabriel and Sarah Chrisman, although the Victorian Era ranges from 1837-1901, they have chosen to life a life that is compatible with the later decades of the era, ones in which telephones, lightbulbs and cars were available. They aren’t driving around a Ford Model T, though.

Instead the couple relies 19th century bicycles for their mode of transportation.

Inside their home, things aren’t much different. It’s furnished with antique appliances, like a wood burning stove and a gas lamp that requires matches to burn.

Dishwasher? Washing machine? Dryer? Nope! Not for these two.

Alright. Fine. So they’ve had to make a couple of compromises. Using the Internet for school and research and modern day telephones are a few exceptions for the couple, but ultimately, adopting a Victorian lifestyle was, for this couple, a way to lessen their reliance on technology and save themselves from the distraction of actually participating in the real world.

“We still don’t completely shun computers. Sarah’s had to use them for research. We try to understand that computers are a useful tool. I certainly still use computers. They’ve put me through grad school, actually,” Gabriel Chrisman said. “But I don’t want to be controlled, and I don’t want to have my life defined by computers and by technology.”

Check out this video from ABC News and see for yourself how the Chrisman’s are living!

Do you think you could commit to a life without Uber and HBO?



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