Mike Leach wants ASU investigated for signal-stealing

You know how counting cards in a game of blackjack at a casino isn’t illegal, but it’s looked down upon and will probably get your fingers broken if you are caught doing it? Well, that’s kind of how signal stealing works in college football.

There is no NCAA rule saying that you can’t steal the other team’s signals during a game, but it will get you the reputation of being an absolute a-hole if you are caught doing it.

The Arizona State Sun Devils have been accused multiple times of doing just that this season and other coaches aren’t happy about.

According to Yahoo Sports, Washington State head coach Mike Leach wants the PAC-12 to step in and do something about it. He suggested that the conference look into the team and their practices during games.

“I mean, you’ve got two straight schools with concerns over it, back-to-back, and they have a reputation for it that extends beyond that,’” Leach said. “The conference probably ought to investigate them and see what they’re doing, make sure nothing is illegal.”

After last week’s triple overtime win over the Sun Devils, Oregon offensive coordinator Scott Frost talked about the team and the way they are blatant about their signal-stealing.

This was the Ducks’ sideline during last Thursday’s game in Tempe.

Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham also expressed concern following their game with the Sun Devils earlier this year. After hearing all the allegations, Arizona State head coach Todd Graham said that it’s pretty much an even trade between teams.

There could be some repercussions about this situation after Graham admitting that his team does steal signals. Again, it isn’t illegal, but I wholeheartedly expect it to be very soon.

But, it hasn’t worked for the Sun Devils so far. I mean, you would think their record would be better than 4-4 if that were the case.

The Sun Devils take on Leach’s Cougars on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

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