ESPN’s Danny Kanell releases latest Top 4 predictions

College football season is winding down, which means playoff chatter is abuzz. ESPN analyst and known SEC troll Danny Kanell recently discussed his Top 4, and it didn’t come without controversy.

ESPN CollegeFootball posted Kanell’s four teams on its official Twitter.

Let’s analyze each team. Ohio State is a bit controversial for the top spot, especially since their offense has only looked sporadically dominant for much of the season, but the Buckeyes are still the defending national champions, so having the No. 1 seed is semi-warranted.

Next comes Clemson, a team that has looked perennially fantastic under coach Dabo Swinney, but is in rare form this year and running rampant over its opponents like Brock Lesnar does fellow WWE Superstars. Not every game is the best, but the Tigers end up coming out on top regardless and in a dominant fashion.

Which brings the conversation to the 3 and 4 spots, as Alabama deserves to be ranked higher than Baylor for the sole fact that, despite not being undefeated, it plays in the toughest conference in college football in the SEC. On top of that, Baylor hasn’t even had to play the Big 12’s elite teams in TCU and Oklahoma State yet. Considering how Oklahoma State just beat TCU over the weekend, it can be argued that they deserve a shot at the title more than Baylor. Oh, and let’s not forget Pac-12 staple Stanford and, of course, Notre Dame, both teams that are knocking on the door.

Needless to say, the playoff discussion is in full swing right now, so the question poses itself.

Who do you think should be in the College Football Playoff? Leave your Top 4 in the comments below!

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