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Former Mizzou LB: ‘Players are ungrateful’


Former Missouri linebacker Luke Lambert is speaking out against the players boycotting football-related activities in protest of the school’s president. Lambert said players are showing a “pure lack of responsibility and ungratefulness.”

Lambert went on to say that playing for Mizzou is a “privilege” and the players should stay committed to their scholarships.

Maybe the school’s president should have been an example and treated all students with the respect they deserve.

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  1. Lambert makes hardly any sense. These players are human beings with consciences. Their activism should be commended, not condemned, unless of course one believes that they simply are tools to be used like machines. Let me understand: Student-athletes should not attempt to cause change if said change is not improving athletics? The community welfare of students–and their protest, in its broadest sense is universal–should be beyond their (student-athletes’) purview? The mere idea is laughable. One who is reasonable laughs even harder when trying to get the uninformed to realize that the players called for the boycott _realized_ they were jeopardizing their scholarships–which are earned and not mere entitlements. They, in short, put ethical principle before potential material profit.

    Relative to the commitment about which Lambert wrote, is the university not obligated to make the same commitment to protect all students from–in this instance–ethnic, racial, and cognate abuses? Presidents are chief officials and hence bear the burden for keeping this understood if not elucidated university commitment.

    What, please, is a “socialist scribe?”

  2. @Diane taylor (sic). Firstly, learn how to spell your name properly. Secondly, your racism is showing – but you don’t care. You know it’s interesting being Black growing up in the top 5% of U.S. income-earning households, attending private preparatory schools that to attend each year cost more than four years of in-state college tuition, graduating from an arts school at 15, and reaching the top or near the top of four professions before the age of 30 yet still be called, “Nigger,” just for walking down the street, and have to read some woman who can’t even properly capitalize her name have the nerve to blanket Black athletes with the most disgusting, sordid, ignorant brand of racism there is.

    It is people like you who keep the nation fractured. And it is people like you who will, ultimately bring this country to its knees with your myopic perceptions of people who don’t look like you.

  3. Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking since this “story” broke. You got your little feelings hurt because somebody called you a bad name, so now you want to hurt those who help you (i.e. alumnae) by going on “strike”? The NCAA should eliminate Mizzou from ALL post-season events to show them that there are repercutions to their actions.

  4. Diane Taylor: I would be ashamed to attend college meet people from all walks of life and still leave with such a narrow mind and a heart full of hatred. I bet you believed Micheal Vick should have served time for the mistreatment of animals. But black people being harassed through racism is too real for you.


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