Video: Blitzball trick shots are the coolest thing you will see today

The guys at the famous YouTube channel Dude Perfect are known for pulling off some pretty wacky trick shots. They recently released their newest compilation of trick shots and it has got to be the coolest video of theirs I have seen to date.

If you are like me and had never heard of Blitzball before today, you will want to check out this video. Blitzball is a special plastic ball that allows anyone to curve a pitch just like the pros and I REALLY want to buy one now.

I wonder how many times that guy got hit in the nuts before they mastered the “Trust Shot.” I wouldn’t even let a professional do that, let alone some Texas A&M student with a backwards baseball cap.

This was a pretty cool video and I would love to be able to make a ton of money doing what these guys do.

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