Just days after the tragic events in Paris, a new threat was discovered in Hanover, Germany at HDI Stadium where a soccer match was set to begin

Germany soccer match cenceled after bombing plans uncovered

In the wake of the tragic events in Paris last weekend, the entire World is — rightfully — on edge, and on the lookout for any more potential threats to the general public; that includes the sports world.

On Tuesday, a friendly soccer match between Germany and Netherlands was cancelled after a bomb threat was discovered.

HDI Arena in Hanover, Germany was set to host the match, but was evacuated shortly before kickoff for what were originally deemed security reasons. According to reports since the incident began, the threat was far more serious than just “security reasons”.

Not only was a suspicious package found inside the stadium as well as at the main train station of the city, but reports then surfaced that an ambulance filled with explosives was found just outside HDI Arena.

Reports that an ambulance laden with explosives was discovered in Hannover outside Dutch-German soccer match. https://t.co/LVRNYoUsl8

— Justin Ling (@Justin_Ling) November 17, 2015

As a result, police informed all inside the arena to “Go home quickly without panic.”

All pedestrians were required to travel by foot as no trains were allowed to run due to the “concrete threat.” One man was held at gunpoint surrounding the stadium, though there is no word on if this individual was involved in the alleged plot.

Man wordt onder schot gehouden, 1 km van stadion #Hannover pic.twitter.com/CMROCwzAp9

— Jeroen Grueter (@Jeroen_Grueter) November 17, 2015

Sporting events are some of the largest congregations on the planet, making them always the potential target of Terrorist attacks. For authorities to sniff this threat out before anyone was hurt is a testament to their skill and level of investigation.

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