Mike Francesa caught in his own lies, again

Mike Francesa has a habit of changing his mind or “misremembering” things with great skill. Therefore, his latest change of direction should come as no surprise to anyone.

A few weeks ago Gary in White Plains, NY asked Francesa straight up if he though Leonard Fournette would win the Heisman, to which Mike responded with a very confident, yes. He didn’t even give a reason why, it was just so clear he didn’t need reasoning.

Gary took note of the prediction saying he would remember that.

Wouldn’t you know it, Gary called in a month later and asked Mike if he remembered his prediction. Here is where Francesa shows off his great skill of mind-f*cking only himself.

“I think most likely Fournette will win the Heisman. Yes.” — Mike Francesa, 10/19/15

“No, I never said I was leaning towards Fournette.” — Mike Francesa, 11/20/15

Radio is made to entertain, and Francesa is nothing but entertaining damnit.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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