Why you need to study abroad in Madrid

First off, there’s not much studying being done. Maybe the title of the article should read Why Madrid is the best for partying while acting like you’re studying abroad.

Nonetheless, if you needed convincing, read on as to why this city is the place to do your study abroad.

Insanely cheap 

Right now is the best time to travel to Europe, especially Spain. Not only is the Euro almost even with the Dollar, but Spain is just naturally cheap. Think of Spain as the European Mexico, sans drug cartels.

It’s in the south, they speak Spanish and everyone travels there to get some sun, cheap booze, and party their face off.

I mean Spain is third world cheap right now.

To quantify it better, in the past month I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling, hitting New York for Halloween before spending a week in Spain. And in one week in Spain, I spent less than I did in a weekend in New York.

There’s historical sights you can take photos of to pacify your parents

Admittedly, there aren’t as many sights to see as maybe Barcelona, but there are enough photo ops to be had. It’s every parents nightmare that within a month of sending their kid off to Europe they’ll receive a call asking for more money after their kid didn’t budget for all the drinks they would buy in the club.

Go to Parque del Buen Retiro (they have one of the only statues of Satan there), Plaza Cibeles, Plaza Neptuno, Paseo del Prado and the Palacio Real to snap photos for the parentals.

That should at least help them think you’re enriching yourself culturally.

Free food

There’s a saying, “If you’re an alcoholic in Spain, you’ll never go hungry.” Ok maybe only I say that, but I say it for good reason, because it’s true. Unlike Barcelona, tapas are free with your drink.

For the most copious amounts of food with your drink, hit La Sierra, El Tigre or Pintan Tapas.

If you don’t get a tapa – or small plate of food – with your drink, it is your right to demand one. Although if that happens, you’re probably not in a bar worth going to.

Learn Spanish

No one speaks English here. Unlike Barcelona, which has numerous residents from around Europe and the world in addition to millions more tourists every year, Madridleños rarely even try to speak English.

In fact you could support your beer habit by teaching a few classes on the side for 20 euro an hour.

Therefore if you’re a guy, you might want to brush up on your Spanish to give yourself a shot at romancing a Spanish girl. If you’re a girl, don’t worry, a language barrier has never proven to be a deterrent for Spanish men.

Partying, duh

Spain’s economy no doubt runs off the tourism and leisure industry. And with all their public holidays, there’s a million reasons every week to go out.

The Spanish are famous for partying until dawn and unlike Barcelona, in which clubs close at 4 am, the party rages on until well past 6 am in Madrid.

If you’re a tourist, you definitely want to check out the seven-story club Kapital. For a more authentic Spanish nightlife experience check out La Chocita Sueca or the Malasaña neighborhood.

Of course there are many other advantages of spending a few months in the Spanish capital, like Sundays in La Latina or the lack of open container laws. Madrid is becoming more hip and modern by the day, with super cool neighborhoods like CHueca, Malasaña and Lavapies to indulge your culture vulture side. Yet there still is the opportunity to party like a frat boy any night of the week.

We could cover every facet of this wonderful city like Rick Steves, but the point is for you to check it out your self and make it your own. Add your own adventures and experiences. And that goes for any city. Otherwise, if you knew about everything beforehand, what would be the fun in living there?

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