Oklahoma State fan trips OU player…again

The Oklahoma Sooners put an emphatic exclamation point on their college football playoff hopes with the 58-23 drubbing of in-state rival Oklahoma State. But, instead of talking about just what the players did on the field, people are talking about what a fan did as well.

After an Oklahoma touchdown, a Cowboys fan decided to stick out his foot to attempt to trip the players in the endzone.

Why fans are even allowed on the field during a game is beyond me, and this is just ridiculous.

Oh no. It happened again. Kinda starting to become a trend in Stillwater. #Bedlam pic.twitter.com/U4Gy43ep6N

— Eddie Radosevich (@Eddie_Rado) November 29, 2015

That fan is lucky nothing happened to him after the incident. It shows true class by the Sooners players, seeing as they’re still just kids, to not retaliate. But, having the last laugh in the form of a Big 12 championship and a shot at the national title is payback enough.

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