Chiefs fan spoofs Cam Newton letter

There was a bit of “controversy” a few weeks back when a concerned mother decided to write a letter condemning Cam Newton for his endzone dance after scoring a touchdown in the Carolina Panthers’ win over Tennessee.

Two weeks later, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce decided to “hit the quan” after a touchdown against the Bills. It was a pretty terrible dance that should never be done again, though, as ESPN anchor Robert Flores pointed out, no one openly complained about it because he’s white.

To quote Lee Corse, not so fast my friend!

A “disgruntled” Chiefs fan did, in fact, pen a letter, and sent it to Kelce via Twitter. Some contents of the letter were typed out via USA Today, and can be read below.

“Because of where we sat, we had a close-up view of your conduct in the 3rd quarter. The hip flailing. The gyrations. Hitting the quan in the face of both your teammates and fans. We saw it all.

“I refuse to believe that you don’t realize that you’re a model. Literally, a model. Your cheekbones are more defined and chiseled than the Kauffman Center roof. You are paid some dollars each and every week to be a leader on an off the field… and because you are a leader, your behavior brought out like behavior in the stands. Some Chiefs fans began Stanky Leggin. The Shmurda dance was happening. Whipping to our left and Nae Nae-ing to our right. The Bud Light vendor even tried to Cha Cha Slide down the stairs. Everyone knows you can’t Cha Cha Slide down stairs.

“My father sensed the change immediately — and started asking questions. What is that dance? Why does he look like he needs to booboo? Does he know he looks like an arse?”

An open letter to Travis Kelce after he hit the Quan in the end zone. @tkelce

— Danny Woods (@dcwoods89) November 30, 2015

Kelce, clearly distraught by this fan’s letter, immediately issued an apology for the action.

My deepest apologies to those I disappointed, my emotions sometimes get the best of me. #MillyRockOnAnyBlock

— Travis Kelce (@tkelce) December 1, 2015

This is by far one of the better things to happen in sports this week to help lighten the mood of all the anger and frustration that seems to take precedent. But seriously though, Kelce, please never do that again. My eyes can’t handle that much bad dancing.

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