Navy angry ESPN removed Keenan Reynolds from Heisman fan vote

If you’ve read George Orwell’s infamous 1984, you’re aware that a ‘big brother,’ is not an actual ‘big brother,’ but a suspicious governing group, watching your every move.

The book unveils the ebbing affects this group has on individuality, by weeding out the variable, in order to snuff coup-rebellion, and create a more cohesive and predictable culture. It gives the powers that be, more power, and contributes to their kingdom’s bulletproof stead.

This seems to be the case again in college football, as the elite cronies who oversee the sport, have removed a popular name among fan-vote for the Heisman. That name, Keenan Reynolds, a dynamic combo-quarterback, with an intangible for finding an open hole and hitting it with tormenting speed.

Reynolds is no scrub. If he were, this wouldn’t be a conversation. He’s having a tremendous season; a combined 2,057 yards from scrimmage with 25 touch downs.

His removal by college football oligarch, has angered fans for a variety of reasons.

For one, it affects the fan-vote which is one possible first-place vote awarded to Reynolds. Fans feel like they should have a right to at least play a small part in the Heisman process.

But it speaks to an even deeper, ever-lingering mistrust, festering among fans.

Until the new four team playoff structure, a mathematical system tweaked to fit college football elite’s leanings, divided teams, and either awarded them a shot at “champion,” or sent them to bowl games, geared to make college football and corporations millions of dollars. And though these bowl games grew their own nostalgia among fans, they contributed to an unfair system fit for bigger programs success.

This seems to be the major issue here. Fans, for years, fought to remove the bowl structure, in order to see a fairer playoff system. And for years, College Football pushed back. The integrity of it all was tainted, and that tarnished taste still lingers. The Heisman has always been a representative molded to fit the Oligarch’s likes, another facet of their staunch control.

Hopefully this is all just a system glitch. I wonder what Orwell would think.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports