Ranking college football’s alternate helmets

Last week, Campus Sports made the trip to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta for a tour of the facility. While the building is rich in college football history and there are plenty of interactive stations for fans to enjoy, there is one area in particular that caught our attention.

When you are nearing the end of the exhibit, there is a room loaded with helmets.

These aren’t your typical helmets that teams wear out on the field every Saturday, but the alternate helmets that are brought out on special occassion.

Often times, the alternate looks from teams around the nation are the most impressive, so the exhibit features some of the most appealing, unique helmets that we have seen on the field in recent memory. So, thanks to having a camera on hand, we snapped photos of some of the best looking helmets and have ranked them for your viewing pleasure.

What are the best alternate helmets in college football that are on display at the Hall of Fame? Let’s take a look.