Shelley Meyer Scolds Daughter for Mentioning Michigan in a Tweet

I always assumed Urban Meyer was a quiet, sound man, with a gentile spirit. So is not the case. He runs a rather tight ship. In fact, so tight, he treats students on Ohio State’s campus, like his own kids.

If he spots any of them wearing blue during the week leading up to their game against Michigan, he makes them drop and give him 10 push ups.

Forget coach Meyer, more like Sargent Meyer. He’s the unlikely fashion police. Break his modeling rules, and you pay him back with a rigorous exercise. No freshman fifteen while he’s at the helm.

Normally, the kids of a star, are spoiled. Or so it seems. But while Coach Meyer is controlling the course of a large program and campus, his wife, Shelley Meyer, is governing their kids social media accounts.

Move on coach.  Here rises matriarch Meyer, the woman with the iron fist.

Even her own kids will pay back their mistakes with exercise. After daughter Nikki Meyer posted with the evil word ‘Michigan,’ in one of her tweets, the matriarch demanded she drop and give her ten.

A sorry won’t cut it Nikki.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports